Mayday or May day? Three simple steps to calm

3D Life buoy.

Mayday! Mayday!

You may already know that this odd expression comes from the French ‘venez m’aider’, meaning ‘come and help me’.

So although it’s nothing to do with the month of May, it still seems a great time to set some new self-care goals, get support where you need it and show yourself some friendliness.


Racing round the track?


Do you ever feel as if time is running away from you, with things still not ticked off the to-do list?


At those times it’s easy to gallop along at full tilt, speeding faster and faster until, inevitably, you fall over.


Or perhaps you feel you’re not good or deserving enough? Or your mind is on loop, playing a message that it’s all a little bit too hard?


That’s when we tend to neglect ourselves, not making time to nurture, indulge or care for us.


Stop right there!


The answer to both is simple: Slow down, get into your body and out of your head. Make a choice to be less ‘mind full’ and more mindful.


Here are my three simple steps for doing just that:


  1. Focus not on your endless to-do list but spend some time thinking about what you have achieved (even the small stuff).
  2. Sift through everything in your head (write it down if you need to) and make a conscious decision about what you really need. This is where your attention needs to be.
  3. Set goals and map out the steps you need to take to get there. If you need external support, put that in place. If it’s only you that’s holding you back, show yourself some friendliness.


Taking time out to take stock means you’ll start to live in a more mindful way. When you get into this way of thinking, you’ll build your inner resilience so when times really are tricky, you’ll find you have the reserves and capacity to leap over those hurdles calmly and happily.


Be your own BFF

Next time you realise you’re being hard on yourself, STOP.


Take a few slow and calm breaths in and out and remember to be your own best friend. If that feels baffling, just imagine how you would talk to a friend who was experiencing what’s going on for you.


  • What would you say to them?
  • What advice would you give them?
  • How would you like them to feel?
  • What could you do for them easily and effortlessly to be a true best friend?


Take time out, refocus and be kind to yourself. In other words, take the mayday out of every May day! 

Wishing you calmness

Joe 🙂