About Joe

How I got to be doing this work …. my journey to becoming a Massage Therapist began gradually. I’d been in Retail Management for over thirteen years and for much of that time I suffered from what I now know as the negative effects of stress.

I had muscular pain and discomfort, I found it difficult to fall to sleep, I couldn’t ‘turn off’ my racing mind, my eating and digestion was erratic, although my work was active I did not exercise away from work, I was susceptible to catching colds and on my days off I was too exhausted to do anything and usually collapsed on the sofa. Not a healthy, balance lifestyle!

In desperation to find a quick fix, miracle cure I booked in for a Massage and pretty soon this became my lifeline. It provided me with a safe place where I could go to and hand myself over to my Massage expert who would take my weary body and busy mind and use their skills to calm, soothe or invigorate me whatever it was that my body, mind or spirit needed on that day.

Over time, with regular Massage treatments I became more ‘in tune’ with myself and gradually I began to make small changes to improve my sense of well-being and my lifestyle. My regular fix of Therapeutic Touch provided me with instant relief and positive solutions to the stress that I’d been feeling daily on a physical, mental and emotional level.

I began to realise that I had a choice about how I could deal with the negative effects of work related stress instead of just accepting them as just ‘how it was’. As a result of my Massages I noticed subtle changes in how I felt, behaved and thought; I felt renewed and more like “me”.

Nowadays I provide clients with a calm, healing space called The Loft where they can come to and learn how they can harness the healing power of The Healthy Ms; movement with Scaravelli Inspired Yoga & somatic practices, massage, meditation & mindfulness to feel calm, soothed and/ invigorated – they are able to find their own sense of ‘equilibrium’ / natural body balance.

My Commitments; To me & you! I’m a firm believer in the healing power of touch and I ensure that I receive regular Massages to help me to maintain flexibility of body, mind and spirit. I also practice and teach Scaravelli-inpsred yoga as it brings together so many of the things that I love; breath work, mindfulness, meditation and also the physical postures and enjoy guiding others to explore intuitive movement.

I believe in a balanced approach to life – combining work, laughter and a few treats along the way! I’m also an keen student of life and enjoy learning natural approaches to health and self healing.

I take my work seriously and invest in my CPD training (Continued Professional Development) to provide the best service that I can for my Clients.  It’s a real joy to be able to share The Healthy MMMs  and to witness Clients’ benefitting from using them in their everyday lives.

Why Not Discover How the Healthy Ms Can Benefit You? If reading about my journey has resonated with you and you’d like to have some valuable ‘me time’, to commit to yourself and help you to prepare you for a healthy, happy and successful life where you can leave the physical pain, mental stress and emotional strain behind you – then do get in touch as I’d love to work with you!

If you are serious about your well-being and opt to come to The Loft regularly then I will reward you with discounted sessions. For more details get in touch via the Contact Joe page.

Peace Of Mind I am fully qualified and insured to offer public professional Massage treatments being both a  full member of the NO HANDS Massage Association and Complementary Therapist Association.

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