Steamy Therapeutic Thai Herbal Compresses

If you’ve never tried therapeutic Thai herbal compresses, you might be under the common misapprehension that they’re simply part of a relaxation massage. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Discover how these balls of steamy goodness smell divine, cleansing your sinuses and lungs, nourishing congested muscles and restoring movement and nourishment to the body and mind.

Therapeutic Thai Herbal Compresses – part of the traditional Thai medicinal healing arts

Therapeutic Thai herbal compresses – part of the traditional Thai medicinal healing arts

The compresses are warmed in a steamer and applied through clothing, ideally cotton or breathable fabrics, so you remain fully clothed throughout.

Using a variety of traditional techniques, you can chose to focus on specific areas – and this is where the true therapeutic power can be experienced.

Or you can chose a more general body massage.


Why not try for yourself?

I’ve put together a special offer for Autumn book a Thai massage and add the compresses for only £10, compared to the usual price of £15.

But be quick, the offer is valid for bookings taken before 31st October 2017 only. Book HERE


York Mumbler – Pregnancy Special

Pregnancy special – September 2017


I’m pleased to be involved with York Mumbler and this months pregnancy focus.


Here is a little about how I came to offer this wonderful massage therapy;

in 2010 my pregnancy massage work began when I supported my sister in her first pregnancy so she was able to receive safe, therapeutic touch to ease her physical, mental and emotional strains.

Since then I’ve continued to offer York ‘Mums to be’ therapeutic and relaxation massage to help them during this special time. Lucy a local Yoga teacher said this about her experience;

‘There is a real feeling of being looked after with kindness, empathy and grace; it’s more than just a muscles and structural level massage’

If this sounds like what you need or member a friend, family member or work colleague then let me support you and them too. I work from The Loft, York my spacious massage and Yoga clinic and I offer gift vouchers and discounted massage pass schemes.

Find out more HERE

To get in touch to make an appointment or to arrange a gift voucher go HERE

Think on your feet: The benefits of being barefoot

Being barefoot – connecting to the groud.

I spend a lot of my day barefoot. I’m so blessed that in my life, I’m able to do that – but I know many people can’t just wander around shoeless for hours.

But with the weather still generally warm and dry why not challenge yourself to make it a new habit? Here’s why…


We get so used to wearing shoes, sandals, boots or even slippers that we often forget to reconnect with the ground beneath our feet.

In fact, studies suggest we get a real health benefit by connecting with the electrons in the earth – which is why a movement has sprung up, encouraging us to walk barefoot on soil, grass or sand.



Followers of ‘earthing’, as it’s known, believe we can improve sleep, moderate heart rate, regulate blood sugar, reduce stress and boost immunity by connecting with the planet’s natural charge.

A whole industry has sprung up around the earthing movement, with a book of the same name by Clint Ober seen as the main authority on the subject. If you’re keen to find out more, do a quick YouTube search.


Why walk

But the great news is, you don’t need all the gadgets and gizmos. What’s more, anyone can grab the health benefits of barefoot. All you have to do is go outside and kick off your shoes.

Remember, barefoot or not, regular walking is great exercise. Just half an hour a day can help your cardiovascular health, regulate your weight and prevent diabetes. It’s great for circulation too – and walking in nature is proven to bring mental health benefits.

Unlike going to the gym, walking outside helps us to live in the moment, enjoy the scenery and free our thoughts – and it’s free!

If you’re on holiday near the sea, take time to feel the sand beneath your feet, improving your balance and muscle tone by connecting with this shifting, uneven surface.


Less pain, more gain

Our feet, cosseted in cushioned shoes and boots, are weaker than they once were – and that can lead to bad posture and associated back, neck and knee pain.

Whatever surface you’re walking on, being barefoot really connects you to it. You become more alert and aware of the present, purely because you have to watch where you’re walking. In turn, you get a heightened awareness of the feeling of pebbles, grass, wood or sand – and those surfaces stimulate the nerves and pressure points on the bottom of your feet.

Challenge yourself!

It really is a win/win. So my summer challenge to you is think on your feet – get outside, barefoot, at least twice a week. And remember to get in touch on social media and let me know how you get on!


Take the chaos out of the kitchen

When days are long and busy it’s vital to have a good source of nutritious food to tuck into however sometimes it’s easy to be tempted by those things that are just easy and not so good for us!

Why not take the chaos out of meal planning with the super talented Sally Duffin who runs Nutrition In York ( who lives below me, business wise!)

Her latest blog comes complete with a FREE weekly meal planning and shopping list template so you can save time and be super organised as well with top tips to get your kitchen in order.
Empower yourself and as they say prevention is better than cure!


The Art of Stillness and going nowhere

There is a saying a friend once told me that we teach what we need to learn and for me this beautifully encapsulates my well-being journey as both a client and therapist.

In my previous life I regularly made unhelpful choices in fact I’d even go so far as to say unkind choices. I burned the candle at both ends, worked in a job that seemed to have taken over my days, I drank to relax and took my caffeine shot to get my fix.

My choices did not help my situation in fact they only helped to make me weary and fall into a negative spiral of working for my holiday. I took long haul flights to exotic destinations to escape and then after a relaxing break I came back for more.

I was on autopilot in so many ways.

I new I needed to change something.

I was scared.

I didn’t think I could do anything else.

Luckily for me I stumbled across a natural food centre which also offered well-being treatments. I booked myself in for a massage and really that was when things slowly, very slowly began to change for me.

It wasn’t like in the movies with an overnight transformation. Hardly.

It was a long journey with several stalls. A re-loaction, new work, training, holiday ( I do like to escape!), new courses, new clients, new workplaces, more training, relationship break up, new home, new workplace, new branding …….

There have been highs and lows throughout the last eleven and a half years since I began my Complementary Therapy training.

Through it all there have been my supports, my foundations of well-being which I know have helped me to move forward at my own pace to this time and space in which I find myself.

Don’t get me wrong I still like to travel and I have to have the occasional long haul flight (it’s hard not to with family overseas) however travel for me is less about running away but more about adventure, nourishing and filling up in a different way to before.

I no longer need to escape my life in the same way. I now know that I have the tools available to create space within my body and mind in the here and now. I don’t need to pack a suitcase or book a flight for this type of journey.

My journey within to stillness and calm.

A few years ago I saw this inspiring TED talk given by the travel writer Pico Iyer in which he talks about The Art of Stillness, of going nowhere and much of what he spoke about I could grasp.

I’d love for you to gift yourself the 15.37 minutes to down tools, make a brew and listen to his words. If you prefer to read them there is a transcript available too. Watch it here

His eloquent presentation includes travel tales and strategies that we all can use to take back a few minutes out of every day, once a month or a few days out of every season. As TED’s blurb  says it’s the talk for many of us who can at times can feel overwhelmed.

At times of overwhelm we need to simplify.

We need to focus on a singular activity – breathing, walking etc

Then from a calmer place with practice, we will know the next ‘way’.

We will know that we can make more mindful choices.

As it is just a matter of choice.

In our world of constant movement and distraction, let’s embrace stillness, space and calm.

It’s my dream that we all move forward, together as a community towards new, kinder choices in a calmer way.

If this is something that you are curious to discover more about then why not come along to the  Loft and explore some of the Healthy Ms or why not join the next Everyday Mindfulness session.

I’d love to support you as you explore finding your inner stillness. Get in touch with me here