Therapeutic Thai Herbal Compress offer

There is a special incentive for anyone that signs up to a massage pass before the 7th September 2018. An ideal investment to support your wellbeing over the Autumn and Winter period.

Invest in 12 hours of Calm Works services to receive two FREE Thai herbal compresses PLUS you get a 30 minute Calm Works wellbeing mentoring session thrown in too. You pay £600 – saving £120 in total.

Or receive a one FREE Thai Herbal compress when you purchase a 6 hour massage pass. This means you pay for 5 hours of Calm Works services priced at £300. Saving £75 in total.

You can include the therapeutic Thai herbal compresses in your usual therapeutic Thai floor massage or western style table massage.  Perfect to include as the weather starts to cool and the muscles get more tense and achey.

Calm Works – Therapeutic Thai herbal compresses

Why therapeutic herbal compresses?

This is a traditional form of Thai medicine and is part of this therapeutic healing art. Specially selected medicinal herbs are chosen for their healing properties. They are heated in a steamer and then applied either through clothes or direct onto the skin allowing the herbs to work their magic into the skin and superficial tissues making it easier to release muscular tension and relief discomfort and restore movement. Not only are the compresses incredibly soothing they smell great too.

Unsure? Next time you visit The Loft get Joe to show you them and you can smell them for yourself.

Terms: upfront payment to be received by 7th September 2018 with herbal compresses used by the end of October 2018.

Summer celebrations and afternoon tea

Scones, petit fours, dainty crustless sandwiches, chunky rolls and tea, tea glorious tea.

It can only mean one thing yes, it’s afternoon tea and from 14th to 20th August it’s be a national week of indulgence. Yah! 🙂

Photo by Angello Lopez on Unsplash

To honour my 5 years anniversary at The Loft I’m going to have a belated celebration and treat myself to afternoon tea and with national afternoon tea week I am going to be spoilt for choice!

In no particular order here are 5 York afternoon tea destinations on my shortlist. Perhaps they may tempt your tastebuds too?!

1. Probably Yorks’ best known place to take tea try Little Bettys’ or maybe take your tea accompanied by the piano tinkling at big Bettys‘?

2. A gem if you want a little something healthy and different or have anyone in need of special dietary requirements Filmore & Union have these bases covered. Top tip: ask for the table with the view when booking and make your dining guests treat that little more special with the Minster view for company.

3. If dining on the Orient Express is one of your dreams then this destination will tick your box.
Settle into your sumptuous environment on the The Countess of York this dining train carriage is now home ( and stationery) at the National Railway Museum.

4. One I’ve been been recommended which is an independent local vegan cafe. There isn’t an afternoon tea per se on the menu however you can have a DIY experience  choosing from their scrummy sandwiches and tasty sweets selection. You’ll find it on Gillygate ( pronounced Jilly-gate) and is called 2 Oxford Place 

5. The Garden Room has majestic, plush and classic written all over it situated in the York Principal Hotel, beside the railway station this is a beautiful light and elegant venue for a delectable afternoon tea.

Whether you choose to DIY at home with your best china it or indulge in a sumptuous dining experience in a dining carriage it’s fair to say that we are truly blessed to have many, many cafes and eateries in York to choose from.

What’s your favourite place to go to? Do let me know so I can investigate – purely for research purposes of course!

Wishing you calmness
P.S. If you didn’t already know it I’m a real foodie 🙂

The greatest gift you can give yourself – being present

A few years ago I saw this inspiring TED talk given by the travel writer Pico Iyer in which he talks about The Art of Stillness, of going nowhere and much of what he spoke about I could grasp.

I’d love for you to gift yourself the 15.37 minutes to down tools, make a brew and listen to his words. If you prefer to read them there is a transcript available too. Watch it here

His eloquent presentation includes travel tales and strategies that we all can use to take back a few minutes out of every day, once a month or a few days out of every season. As TED’s blurb  says it’s the talk for many of us who can at times can feel overwhelmed.

At times of overwhelm we need to simplify.

We need to focus on a singular activity – breathing, walking etc

Then from a calmer place with practice, we will know the next ‘way’.

We will know that we can make more mindful choices.

As it is just a matter of choice.


Don’t stress the small stuff

In our world of constant movement and distraction, let’s embrace stillness, space and calm.

It’s my dream that we all move forward, together as a community towards new, kinder choices in a calmer way.

If this is something that you are curious to discover more about then why not enquire about mindfulness at The Loft or an Everyday Mindfulness introductory session and begin your journey to calmness.

I’d love to support you as you explore finding your inner stillness. Get in touch with me here

Wishing you calmness

York 50+ Festival events September 2018

Calm Works is running two special events as part of the annual 50+ Festival in York.

This years’ festival theme is mental wellbeing and tackling loneliness with this in mind Joe has created two sessions; Everyday Mindfulness (-Introduction) and Mental Wellbeing.

Pre-booking is essential for each session as place are limited.
Go here to complete your personal details stating which session you want to go to.
Please remember to include your daytime telephone number and email address.
Read on for full details.

Everyday Mindfulness – Introduction

Friday 28th September 2018 – 2 – 3.30pm  £15

Busy mind doodle

Everyday Mindfulness with Calm Works

Build your mental and emotional resiliency learning some easy mindfulness practices so at times of stress you can feel less overwhelmed and more calm.
All welcome, no experience required.
Wear comfy clothes and come with an open mind.

Tea provided. 

Pre booking essential as places limited.
Maximum of 12 people.
£15 per person
Please note: this event is being held at the Friends Quaker Meeting House in York and is fully accessible.

Mental Wellbeing with Calm Works

Wednesday 3rd October 2018 – 2 – 4pm £15

Mental Wellbeing with Calm Works

Discover simple practices from yoga and mindfulness to help you build flexibility and calm your body and mind. Feel more in the moment.
All welcome, no experience required.
Wear comfy clothes and come with an open mind.
Tea provided
Pre booking essential as places limited.
Maximum of 8 people.
£15 per person
Please note: this event is being held at The Loft which is accessed via four gentle flights of stairs unfortunately the building is not accessible to wheelchairs.
Photo Naveen Chandra on Unsplash

Top 5 tips for a stress-free trip

Stress free holiday design

Holidays are supposed to be an opportunity to rest and get away from it all. But how often do you get back needing a holiday from your holiday?

Try my tried and tested top five tips to make sure you relax straight into the chilled out mood and make the most of your downtime.

1. A list of what you fancy

Packing lists are a great way to make sure that everything makes it into the bags.

If there’s time, make one for every member of the family. It’s a great way to share the load and even the kids get into good habits by ticking off what they’ve put in their bag. Short on time? Try one of these packing checklists.

  1. Roll? Bag? Bundle?

Where do you start? You’ll be packing like a pro after watching these tips by air stewards. It’s a little more than two minutes long, so maybe have your brew at the same time.

  1. Hydrate well.

Take fruit and a water bottle with you, to stay hydrated en route. Free water is available at most service stations and airports, so you can top up after you’ve been through security and save yourself some pennies.

Still overheating? Invest in a simple hand help fan and pack a hat. Discover more tips for topping up hydration.

  1. Rest stops and exercise

Travelling by car? Make sure you stop regularly to rest your eyes, do a few stretches, snack and rehydrate.

If you’re flying, make time for your ‘at seat’ exercises. Do the foot pump to help your lymphatic system: point your toes away from you and then back towards your leg repeat as often as you like. Or get out of your seat and take a walk.

  1. The secret to getting the most from your holiday?

Get into that holiday state of mind and let the physical tensions drift away by booking a massage the day or night before your trip. This gets your body and mind into relaxation mode, encourages work thoughts to drift away so you’ll feel a lot lighter and brighter for your trip.

Just imagine how you’d feel without all that extra baggage at the start of your holiday!  I swear by it – as do many clients already in the know.

Let me know how you get on and have a relaxing and calm holiday

Joe 🙂