1 to 1 Yoga Session

1 to 1 Yoga session is available for anyone who is new to Yoga, struggles to get to a class or prefers to have a specific area of focus e.g. lower back. shoulders etc

Prior to a 1 to 1 Yoga session Joe will ask you to outline any key areas of focus so she can create your individual Yoga session. At the start of your Yoga session Joe will take a few minutes to check in with you and to ensure we are going to work safely confirm your details are correct e.g medical health, any physical restrictions, energy levels and your expectations for the session.

The session will combine a variety of the key Yoga practices of breathing ( pranayama), physical postures (asana), meditation, sound work ( mantras) and hand gestures ( mudras).

It is possible to have a personalised short relaxation or breathing practice recorded for you to use at home.

At the end of the session you will be asked to feedback what you are noticing about yourself and whether you feel the session met your requirements.

You can then continue with 121 sessions or join a Yoga class fine the schedule HERE

It’s important to keep the spine and body flexible as then you invite suppleness and calmness to your whole being. Guided by your breath you explore your movements and go with your flow. It’s about being having a childlike curiosity and being playful.                                Joe Bull, Calm Works

Scarevelli-influenced Yoga is a blend of traditional Hatha Yoga enriched with the teaching developed by Vanda Scaravelli.

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased online HERE and are valid for six months making them an ideal and appreciated gift!