Client Care – Consultations

My experience with Joe at The Loft is a much more personal experience, all about me and I don’t feel as though I’m on a production line  Massage Loyalty Client

It is important that every client is given the space to share their well-being history with Joe and this takes place during the initial consultation.

This involves you completing a short form covering things like your personal contact details ( required for insurance purposes), your medical status and history, the benefits you are most interested in and also what you hope the session will provide you.

At your first session the initial consultation will last approximately 20- 30 minutes please ensure you allow for this when you book. You will have the chance to ask Joe any questions ( if you haven’t already via phone / email) and once this is completed Joe will check with you to see if you are happy to proceed to your pre-booked session.

If for any reason you choose not to go ahead with the pre-arranged session then there will be a charge of £20 for the time otherwise the consultation is included in the session price.

Please note: If you are currently receiving treatments from any other Complementary Therapist or, if you are currently under the care of a Consultant/ GP or, have recently ( within 12 months) undertaken any surgery then you will need to inform Joe when booking your session as your proposed Calm Works session may be contra-indicated and potentially aggravate your current treatment, condition and healing. In this instance a referral form may be required from your Therapist or Medical Professional.

Your health and well-being are always the priority!

For future before any session starts Joe will start with a ‘mini’ consultation/ a ‘check in’ to see how you are feeling, if you are experiencing any physical discomfort / pain, changes to your medical situation / medications / cuts / bruises, when you last ate, your hydration levels and energy levels etc.

Even the process of answering such questions can be a revelation! It’s an empowering process as Clients begin to notice how they are ‘really’ feeling, becoming more aware of their choices in relation to supporting their well-being and most importantly being clear about what they need from their session.

For subsequent appointments your consultation time is added onto your Massage / Session time e.g. a 60 minute Massage will last approx 70-75 minutes.

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