Celebrating life by paying it forward!

Every client has a unique reason for coming to The Loft and one regular John has been using his Thai Massage sessions to help him to be in top condition for the Great North Run. This might seem like no mean feat however in 2006, John had an operation to remove a tumour from a muscle on his left leg which has since affected his movement.


The Great North Run – John ‘paying it forward’ for the David Nott Foundation

This month John took part in the Great North Run, in celebration of the 10 years of life he’s had since being diagnosed and to raise as much money as possible for his chosen UK based charity The David Nott Foundation .


The David Nott Foundation provide surgeons and medical professionals with the skills they need to provide relief and assistance in conflict and natural disaster zones around the world. As well as providing the best medical care, David Nott Foundation surgeons train local healthcare professionals; leaving a legacy of education and improved health outcomes.


You can hear about the charity from David Nott known as the ‘Indiana Jones of surgery’ who shared his story on Desert Island Discs (particularly from 20 minutes onward) 



Fortunately for John, during his operation, rubble didn’t keep falling from the ceiling as yet another mortar bomb exploded outside, nor did the lights over the operating table go out just as the surgeon made a crucial incision. That is because his operation was done in Oswestry, not Aleppo (or any other war-torn/disaster-struck city in which David Nott regularly weaves his magic)!

John has been in truing for this event for some time now and has been receiving therapeutic Thai massage ( with herbal compresses) to keep his legs in optimum condition. The run will be the first time he’ll have run this length!

It’s taken a huge amount of energy, focus and determination for John to learn how to be able to run again. He is determined and is looking forward to be able to ‘pay it forward’ by raising as much as he can for this wonderful cause.

     So on behalf of John and myself how could you help?

Any donation (no matter how small) would be most welcome. If you are able to do so then please go to his JustGiving website is at:                 https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/john-lewisgreat-north-run

Please feel free to share this information and to help raise awareness about the David Nott Foundation.

For what you are about to give, we are truly, truly thankful.

    John & Joe 🙂