Ease tight muscles with magnesium spray!

This is one of the key aftercare tips I give to clients and here is the reason why magnesium is so vital for our muscle performance. My colleague Sally Duffin from Nutrition in York has this to say on the matter;

Magnesium regulates smooth muscle function, which is why it is so important for heart health, digestive function and recovery from exercise. The heart and the digestive tract are both made up of muscle tissue and in order for the heart to beat and the digestive tract to squeeze food along there needs to be plenty of magnesium available to the muscle fibres.

Twitching muscles and regular muscle cramps can be signs of magnesium deficiency as the muscle fibres are in spasm, unable to relax properly.

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How can you boost your magnesium levels?

By using a magnesium oil spray as dermal absorption (through the skin) you can easily increase your magnesium levels and it’s especially useful for muscle cramps as the spray can be used directly on the affected area.

Another top tip of mine which Sally also agrees with is to take an Epsom salts bath or if you have a shower then you can reap the same benefits by having a foot soak; the salts are made of magnesium sulphate which again, is absorbed through the skin.

You need a couple of handfuls of epsom salts ( you can also use dead sea salts and Himalayan salts) per bath or foot soak and then immerse yourself or just your feet for about 20 minutes. Once your soaking time is up just have a rest or better still as you’ll probably be feeling sleepy head straight to bed.

As magnesium helps the body to relax so avoid taking one when you have a lot to do.

Try it and let me know how you get on here hello@calmworks.co.uk

Joe sells a variety of Better You Magnesium Spray at The Loft so you can pick on up at your next appointment.

Sally Duffin is based on the first floor at 42 Oxford Street where she advises people on all things related to nutritional well-being including food intolerance tests.