Calm Works in Work

Keep Calm and Be More Content, Productive & Happier in the Workplace

Calm Works can offer you workplace Yoga, Relaxation Sessions ( using Mindfulness and easy breathing exercises) Massage or a combination workshops – all created to meet your exact needs.

Nowadays it’s common knowledge how the negative effects of stress can have a detrimental impact on the physical health and mental wellbeing of employees and subsequently the wellbeing and productivity of your business.

Let your employees know how much they mean to you by providing them with the tools to help them at work, home and play so they can feel physically healthier, clearer of mind and lighter of spirit.

  • Sounds rather wonderful doesn’t it?
  • A healthier way to boost morale?
  • More life changing than a a box of chocolates or, a round of drinks?
  • Wondering where to start?

Just drop Joe an email to and explore the opportunity of bringing Calm Works into your workplace.

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