Joe has studied a variety of Massage ‘styles’ since she started her bodywork training in 2006 and believes we all have our own ‘portal into relaxation‘ e.g. back / feet/ head/ hand/ foot/ clothed /oil treatment and once this is discovered Clients just drift off into a deeply restful and healing state where their body and mind can find a sense of ‘equilibrium’ /inner balance.

Joe is your expert guide and she’ll welcome you to The Loft and encourage you to give yourself permission to say what you need and what you are hoping to notice about yourself that might be different at the end of the session.

It’s a unique way of communication which puts you, the Client in the drivers seat, you are after all the expert in the room on you! This way of working has evolved from training with Gerry Pyves and the NO HANDS Massage company in the UK and includes some elements of Transactional Analysis and the work of Eric Berne.

This way of working has brought Joe’s works into the realm of transformational bodywork and many Clients who unravel their tensions begin to let go of ‘old baggage’ , to look at their lives with fresh eyes and make changes to improve their well-being, happiness and life!

My experience with Joe at The Loft is a much more personal experience, all about me and I don’t feel as though I’m on a production line CW Massage Loyalty Client

Most Clients choose either a Thai inspired Massage ( clothed; table/ floor based futon) or a more traditional Swedish style Massage ( clothed/ with oil; table) using adapted zero strain practices which are very adaptable; from gentle, energy balancing to zingy stimulating, to soothing, rhythmic and releasing and the ever popular mind body slow and deep connecting work. There really is a style or combination of styles to suit you! The fun is discovering which one/s!

Both of these therapeutic Massage styles allow for a more ‘meditation in motion’ style of Massage, or as one Client put it ‘it’s like I’ve been meditated on!’ and at the heart of all Joe’s Massage work is the Thai principle of ‘metta‘, loving kindness – treating each Client carefully with respectful touch. You’ll really notice the difference!

Why not read some Client Testimonials to give you an insight into how regular Clients feel they benefit from working with Joe and if you feel like Joe’s holistic approach is what you need then get in touch via the Contact page and / call her to have a no obligation chat.

Transform yourself – with a Calm Works Massage! 

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