A time to sit, breathe and be …..

Meditation has been shown to help us to rewire our brains and to foster a stronger sense of compassion.

Moreover it helps us to be more focused which can only help us in our fast paced world!
With each session we gift ourselves a break from our usual habitual doing and thinking routine. We sit comfortably either on a chair or in a yoga pose (whatever works best for you!), we set a timer and then we just sit.
  • We give the mind some space
  • We breathe
  • We notice the activity of our mind
Our experience of meditation can be different each time and when we first learn this life saving skill it can feel difficult.

That’s where Joe can help! With her expert guidance and techniques you can soon start to find your rhythm.

Feel calmer in your mind after your meditation practice and ready to start afresh, with renewed focus for whatever you are going to engage in.

It’s common for meditators to have insights about their lives, activities and jobs after a ‘sitting’ – creative minds love this added extra benefit!!

Currently 1 to 1 meditation sessions are available

Prefer a group setting?

In our yoga sessions we include mediation especially the Thursday evening yoga session where we will include time for longer meditation alongside restorative yogic movements.

All levels of experience are welcome and all equipment will be provided.
Herbal tea and water will be available.
Feel free to contact Joe HERE if you have any questions or to book yourself in.
Gift Vouchers can also be purchased online HERE and are valid for six months making them an ideal and appreciated gift!