A time to sit, breathe and be ……

What’s the message spoken to you?

Meditation sessions will be held close to the New Moon – a wonderful time to reflect on your dreams and desires for the month ahead.

An opportunity to start afresh, focus and allow magic to happen.

  • What will you choose to invite?

 Harmony, health, happiness, success, wealth, compassion ….?
You may have something specific to bring to the session – create space and allow the next steps to gently unfold.
Alternatively, simply join the group as a way of allowing your body and mind to come to a place of inner stillness, space and calm.
Each 45 minute session will include a short reflective practice followed by couple of different meditations; sometimes a guided meditation. In a group of no more than eight people.
Whether you choose to sit in a chair or rest on the floor, supported by cushions and bolsters, all equipment will be provided. All levels of experience are welcome.

Dates: pending 

To arrange this contact Joe HERE
Herbal tea and water will be available, plus blankets.
# Please note:
This session does not offer a 100% guarantee that your dreams and wishes will come true. After all, this is just one step in the process!
If you do come with an intention, your commitment to the small daily steps afterwards is what will achieve the results you’re looking for. And, of course, remembering to revisit this in your daily meditation practice.
Feel free to contact Joe at if you have any questions or to book yourself in.