Calm Works offers a mix of events from Yoga, Mindfulness and Massage in the workplace to well-being events, workshops and retreats.

It’s great to be be able to offer simple, practical and do-able techniques and when they are practiced regularly they have the potential to enhance your quality or life. By becoming more mindful in your everyday practices you can feel calmer, more relaxed and open.

Adopting your own simple daily practices can have a transformational impact on your well-being and they can bring a sense of empowerment as you no longer feel that you are operating on auto pilot.

Embrace this and you’ll find yourself slowly opening up physically, feeling calmer and then making more conscious and nurturing choices about how you spend your time, what you choose to focus your thoughts on ( yes you really do have a choice!;, how you walk, talk, eat behave and feel! That’s what I love to encourage in the work that I share at Calm Works events.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

Start yours with a call, text or email and let me guide you to reconnect with your true sense of being!

Have a look at the current Calm Works offerings and if you would like to arrange your own unique event then contact Joe via the Contact page