Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage in York – Caring for Mums To Be

Mums To Be are faced with so many changes which all take place out of their control. Your / their body; its structural frame and muscles are put under new pressures and stretched, mentally they may feel overwhelmed and emotionally there may be feelings of uncertainty not to mention that the normal daily demands can begin to feel challenging on energy levels.

During pregnancy there is no better time then to take “time out”,  to allow yourself to be supported, your muscles released of tensions, ease lower back pain, mobilise the shoulders, reduce swelling by encouraging waste materials to flush out of the body, emotions and nerves to feel soothed and at the end of your Pregnancy Massage you will receive a gentle face Massage. At the end of the Massage you’ll be encouraged to rest and take your time to dress.

At a time when my energy levels had dipped and I was in a bit of pain and discomfort, Joe’s massage eased the swelling and aches, relaxed my limbs and energised my body and mind, setting me back on the road to a happy and calm pregnancy.’ Linda

Depending on what you need during your consultation Joe can create a session using a blend of various Massage approaches from Swedish, NO HANDS and Thai Massage. You’ll lie on a Massage couch in a side lying position and be given extra cushions so you will feel fully supported during your session. At all times you will be provided with towels and only the areas worked upon will be uncovered.

As with all Massage it is best when taken as a series of treatments and certainly this could not be more appropriate for Mums To Be to have a regular monthly Pregnancy Massage after the first trimester. Here is a testimonial from Lucy who did just that.

I was lucky enough to have pregnancy massage treatments with Joe throughout my pregnancy, and I’m so glad I did. Joe is a very talented masseuse, more than on just a muscles and structural level. There is a real feeling of being looked after with kindness, empathy and grace. The pregnancy sessions I had were very special times of quietness for me to breathe, rest and be with myself and my baby. They helped me to feel lighter and more connected in body and mind. I can’t recommend Joe highly enough, and I’m looking forwards to getting back to her amazing Thai massage now that my baby is born!                                                  Lucy – Yoga Teacher –

All pregnancy sessions are approx. 75 minutes (60 minutes massage time)

Initial session to include a full consultation (up to 30 minutes)  £75

Then subsequent sessions

£60 pay on the day

£55 monthly massage scheme (min of 3 months, payment via BACS)

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased for any value and are valid for six months so they can be used both pre and post birth making them an ideal and appreciated gift!

Feel free to contact Joe at if you have any questions or to book yourself in.

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