Price List

Session timings

Please note: Consultations take place before all Calm Works Sessions which is in addition to your treatment time. Please allow for 20 -30 minutes for initial appointments and approximately 10 minutes for subsequent sessions. See Client Care HERE for full details.


Pay On The Day Rate

These are for appointments taken only within the current calendar month.

£30 (clothed work) – 30 min  £35 (oiled work) – 30 min   £55 – 60 min  £80 – 90 min

Thai Yoga Massage £100 – 120 min  With Steamy Herbal Compresses £120 – 120 mins

Yoga 1 to 1 session – 90 min – £55  ( notes / lesson plan £25 extra)

Yoga group session – 90 mins £12 ( pre booking is required max 6 people)


Massage Loyalty Scheme 

Come monthly and SAVE 10% off the Pay On The Day Rate 

e.g. 60 min session £49.50        

30 min ( clothed work) £27

30 min ( oiled work)  £31.50

Book your dates as far ahead as you want to go, securing the times and dates that suit you best

plus you can still reschedule if something crops up.

You also SAVE 10% off any  Gift Vouchers purchased and have discounts off workshops

Peace of mind knowing that every month you’ve prioritised your “me time” to release tension and restore balance and calm!


Massage & Yoga Pass

These work out the best value for you – Pay for 5 sessions and get 1 FREE!

They offer more flexibilty than the Loyalty Scheme as you can take your sessions whenever you like. For the Massage Pass select how long you want your session to be e.g. 30 , 60, 90 or 120 minutes and pay upfront. You can try different types of Massage if they are available during your time allocated e.g. Thai Table Massage, NO HANDS Massage, Natural Face Lift Massage , Pregnancy Massage are all available as 60 minute sessions.

Massage Pass

60 minutes £275 = £45.83 per session

30 min ( clothed work) £150 = £25 per session

30 min ( oiled work)  £175 = £29.16 per session     

Yoga Pass

90 minute Yoga Pass £60 = £10 per session

Please note: Payment is made up front, there are no refunds, non transferable, Massage Pass valid for 12 months from purchase date. Yoga Pass valid for 3 months from purchase date.


Double Massage Pass

This is for those of you who want to enjoy the benefits of having a regular Massage whenever they need it. Maybe you are a keen sportsperson and want to maintain your performance and PBs or, you have a sedentary lifestyle and wish to keep loose and flexible or maybe it’s your regular dose of ‘me’ time for you to take exactly what it is that you need on the day.

Double Massage Pass – £550

Pay for 10 sessions, get 2 FREE PLUS an EXTRA 30 minutes worth of Massage for FREE! That’s and extra £140 worth of Massage treatment for FREE.

Some Clients like to it onto their birthday month and indulge themselves with a nourishing       90 minute session. It’s your time and you can take it whenever you want to 🙂

Please note: Payment is made up front, there are no refunds, non transferable, Double Massage Pass valid for 14 months from purchase date. 


To arrange your purchase please fill in the contact form on the Contact Joe page.
Payment methods are cash on collection, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.
PLEASE NOTE: there will be a small processing fee for PayPal purchases and for any postage or you can arrange to collect from The Loft at an agreed time

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