Massage & Yoga prices + Discount schemes

Massage appointments : Pay On The Day Rate

Ad hoc, one off appointments are are subject to availability within the current four weeks any further than that requires an upfront payment. Discounts are available – see below.

new client consultation +30 min massage = £50   repeat 30 min massage + consultation = £35

new client consultation +60 min massage = £75   repeat 60 min massage + consultation = £60

new client consultation +90 min massage = £105 repeat 90 min massage + consultation = £90

Please note: If after your new client consultation you decide NOT to receive a massage then there will be a payment due of £20. Full details of the initial and mini consultation HERE

Discount schemes 

Transformational bodywork can bring profound results and I offer incentives to clients who commit to their well-being and personal development.

Massage Pass – pay upfront and save! 

The most popular option and helps you to save significantly on the day rate! You pay upfront for 5 sessions and receive 6 they are valid for 12 months, book as far ahead as you like so you can actively prioritise your well-being. Subject to availability you might be able to adapt the session times e.g. 3 hour massage pass 6 x 30 minutes or 3 x 1 hour treatments. ask Joe for more details.

Please note: no refunds or transfers

£175  total 3 hours e.g. 6 x 30 minutes massage + mini consultation

£300  total 6 hours e.g. 6 x 60 minutes massage + mini consultation

£450  total 9 hours e.g. 6 x 90 minutes massage + mini consultation

£600 total 12 hours PLUS 30 minutes 1 to 1 personalised wellbeing session  (yoga, relaxation, mindfulness) massage time can be divided as you wish 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes sessions. Valid 14 months.


Massage Loyalty Scheme – save 10%

For those who want a monthly massage* to keep those benefits topped up! You SAVE 10% off Book as far ahead as you like so you can actively prioritise your well-being. Payment via standing order ONLY within the first week of each month.Minimum commitment 3 months. *can be more than one per month.

30 min massage + mini consultation = £31.50

60 min massage + mini consultation = £54

90 min massage + mini consultation = £81

Add on: Therapeutic Thai herbal compresses

These steamy compresses can be added to any Therapeutic Thai massage in a nutshell they heal, relax and release the body and mind. For more details see HERE

£15 per session or, you can invest in a Herbal Pass; pay for 5 and get 1 free = £75 upfront payment, valid 6 months. Please note: no refunds.

MULTI OFFER: invest in a massage pass and add on Herbal Pass for just £50!

SPECIAL OFFER: until 1st June 2018 see HERE


Yoga Prices

Yoga Pass

These work out the best value for you – Pay for 5 classes and get 1 FREE!                                    90 minute classes = £60  (£10 per session)                                                                                      Please note: up front payment, valid for 3 months, no refunds, non transferable.

Single class £12 ( when space available, priority given to Yoga Pass holders)                              Yoga 1 to 1 ( 90 minutes) & small groups – come along as as beginner or if you already have an established practice to look at some ideas of how you can work to create more ease of movement in your body. These are bespoke sessions so prices can vary as a guide –

Initial 1 to 1 yoga session + new client consultation £105

This will cover pre session interview, session of 90 minutes plus a short guided relaxation practice for you to take away. All equipment provided and you are permitted to bring a recording device with you or receive your bespoke recording via Whats App

Total duration approx 2 hours for 1 person

Additional follow up support can be arranged after the session or you may wish to join a class.


Gift Vouchers

Give the gift they’ll really thank you for valid towards any Calm Works service! Available for any value and valid for 6 months. A small note to your loved one, colleague, neighbour can be written and can be posted* direct or collected from The Loft at an agreed time.                              * Postage to be paid for.

To arrange your purchase please fill in the contact form on the Contact Joe page.

Payment Methods

Cash, cheque ( to Joanne Bull), bank transfer ( ask for details) or credit cards via PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE: there will be a small processing fee for PayPal purchases and for any postage

Receipts can be provided for all payments and if they are required for health insurance claims please provide the requirements via email before your session.