Yoga during COVID-19

Please note : all Scaravelli-inspired yoga and somatic sessions are now offered online via Zoom.

Priority booking is given to current Yoga Pass holders and regular clients. If spaces available ‘Pay on the door’ rate is £12 or Yoga Pass £60 ( for six sessions, valid two months).

‘Doors open’ 15 minutes prior to class start times to check in and catch up etc. Please arrive on time as doors close within 5 minutes of class start times.

In classes there is an encouragement to ‘be present’, it’s about slower movements, doing less and noticing more; many comment how deeply meditative it feel! From the somatics to the yogic explorations we explore mobilizing the body and awakening the spine. Elements of mantra, meditation, breath work ( pranayama), mindfulness, yoga philosophy and anatomy also feature. No two sessions are the same! It’s not about being too serious so there’s usually a sprinkling of laughter in these sessions too.

Weekly sessions:

  • Tuesday 10 – 11.30amRelax & Explore – beginning with floor based somatic practices to loosen tension, allowing the breath to guide the movements, creating space in the joints, easing lower back discomfort and releasing fatigue. Exploring yogic movements with a mindful awareness and curiosity. All levels welcome.
  • Thursday 10 – 11.30amRelax & Explore – beginning with floor based somatic practices to allow joints to loosen, fascia and muscles to stretch, great for releasing fatigue and relieving back aches, breath work and mindful yogic exploring to follow. Then an exploration of poses with the ‘lens’ of ground, breathe and spine and with work of Vanda Scaravelli. It’s less about the look of the posture more about the flow. It’s advised that you attended a Tuesday class or 1 to 1 with Joe prior to joining this class.
  • Tuesday 8 – 9pm during May 2020 – weekly sound bath to soothe the body, mind and spirit. Sound meditation is incredibly potent and combining different sounds it is possible to slow down the brain wave state to a ‘theta’ regenerative and healing state. Cost £10 – via recordings emailed via a private link ( available for a week)
  • Friday 29th May 2020 6.30 – 8pmInner Calm – your end of month wind down! Your at home relaxation session. Get your blankets, bolsters and cushions ready and lets stretch a little before nesting down. This session is about letting go, dropping down and sinking in. Yummy, nourishing food for the mind, body and soul. With gentle somatic movements, guided relaxation aka ‘yoga nidra’ and sound. A sensible way to support your nervous system and give back to yourself.
  • Joe guides you with some gentle guided somatic movements, guided relaxation and yoga sleep (aka yoga nidra) with a few healing therapeutic sounds. A magical way to nourish yourself. Leave feeling revived and calm ready for the night and weekend.
  • Cost £15 to book contact Joe HERE, you’ll receive payment details and then the session link. Doors open 15 minutes prior to start time and close at 6.35pm no late arrivals.
  • Private Inner Calm sessions are bookable just contact Joe HERE to discuss your needs.

If you are unable to make these sessions perhaps a 1 to 1 session with Joe might work best for you? Contact Joe HERE for a no obligation chat