Spring clean time: body, mind and spirit

Abdominal Massage – Calm Works

Clear out out the cupboards, fill bags for charity, empty the loft, tackle storage spaces, power through that pile of paperwork. When it comes to spring-cleaning, it’s easy to see they physical stuff (unless, of course, you choose to turn a blind eye to it and squeeze the door closed on it).

It’s not so easy to see the inner clutter we gather over time – but this can have a huge impact on how effeciently our bodily systems work.

My colleague Sally Duffin from Nutrition in York would be showing you her poo chart now. You might think it’s a bit ‘ew’ but your poo is a great indicator of whether your system is running smoothly or not.

With perfect timing, this month is IBS Awareness Month.

IBS can show itself in many symptoms, from bloating, cramps to both diarrhoea and constipation. We know stress can play a major role in the smooth runnings of our bowels – if we are feeling emotionally delicate, the guts will often be a little fragile.

A soothing abdominal massage performed with oil can really help to soothe you deeply. Letting go of tension in the guts could also help your digestive system run better – as will drinking more water and eating enough fibre.

The positive and caring touch from a massage may help to release stored tension and anxiety within the tissues. Nerve receptors in the skin communicate with the brain to release more relaxation hormones, creating a general feeling of comfort.

There is something very touching about receiving a belly massage. Essentially, this area is the centre of our being and usually stays wrapped up under layers. We rarely pay it any attention unless we have a stomach ache and that’s when we’re naturally drawn to hold and hug it, providing self care.

But why wait until you are in pain or discomfort to feel the benefits of an abdominal massage? How else might a belly massage help you?

Interestingly in yogic philosophy, the abdominal area is one of seven key energy centres (known as chakras in Sanskrit), situated along the length of the spine.

This energy centre is called the solar plexus (or manipura chakra) it is an area associated with personal power, will, joy, self confidence and the element of fire. It’s closely connected to the lumbar spine, eyesight and movement, as well the digestive organs and adrenals.

On an energetic level feeling blocked or imbalanced in your solar plexus could make you feel dis-eased, out of sorts, unhappy and lacking. Imagine how you might feel if you received a session to clear away this sort of rubbish?

Certainly regular abdominal massage can be hugely beneficial, especially when combined with self massage and guided relaxation. Occasionally, the breath may deepen during a treatment, as other tensions (physical, mental, emotional) are released. As with all treatments at The Loft, clients are in control of the session, dictating the depth and speed of how I work.

I offer bespoke abdominal massage treatments so do let me know if this is of interest to you and if you’d like to explore expert nutritional support, why not make an appointment with Sally at Nutrition in York? We can work together with you looking after your wellbeing from the inside out!  

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