Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Calm Works – Therapeutic Thai herbal compresses

If you’ve never tried therapeutic Thai herbal compresses, you might be under the common misapprehension that they’re simply part of a relaxation massage. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Discover how these balls of steamy goodness smell divine, cleansing your sinuses and lungs, nourishing congested muscles and restoring movement and nourishment to the body and mind.

Therapeutic Thai herbal compresses – part of the traditional Thai medicinal healing arts

The compresses are warmed in a steamer and applied through clothing, ideally cotton or breathable fabrics, so you remain fully clothed throughout.

Using a variety of traditional techniques, the session can focus on a specific area which is when the true therapeutic power can be experienced. The compresses can also be used in a more general way. It depends on what your needs are on the day.

Therapeutic Thai Herbal Compresses – part of the traditional Thai medicinal healing arts

The warmth works through the body’s first four layers and then the various traditional Thai massage techniques employed can disperse areas of congestion while restoring movement.

This is where the true therapeutic power can be experienced!

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Need more encouragement? Clients’ testimonial

The Thai Massage was an amazing experience.
From the healing scent of the room to the comfort of the warm, floor based futon, I felt safe, grounded and relaxed. 
The ‘work’ you did was wonderful, the warmth and heat felt so healing and allowed a ‘letting go’ to take place. 
I felt totally relaxed and a gentle sense of well being has stayed with me since then.  
A heart felt thank you Joanne xx