Thai Massage

Thai Massage in York

The traditional healing therapeutic art of Thai Massage has been traced back over 2500 years to its’ Indian origins. Emerging during the time of the Buddha’s the practice was originally performed by Buddhist monks in temples and the principles of Metta “loving kindness” and compassion lie at its’ core. This physical Massage forms part of the traditional Thai Medical system and once tried it’s easy to understand why some refer to it as “meditation in motion“.

This is a powerful form of massage is especially good for connection the body and mind. The  combination of unique rhythmic Massage can’t help to induces relaxation. Clients remark how they feel soothed and refreshed; their tension released, melting away, their energy feeling rebalanced at the end of the full two hour session.

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Thai Table Massage York with Joe from Calm Works at The Loft

Joe offers various options to allow you to gently test this Massage style from the shorter sessions of Thai Hand Massage, Thai Face Massage, Thai Foot Massage to the longer full body Thai Yoga Massage which can be complemented even further with the use of heated Thai Herbal Compresses. There is something for everyone!

Thai Massage Being fully clothed provides a different experience to most Massages. There is a freedom it brings the body when being moved in different directions. What it makes me think of is the flexibility that a baby has. Odd analogy I know when a baby is being dressed its’ body is loose and trusting of the adult,therefore moves and flexes in amazing ways. When I give myself over to the Massage, the process and Joe as the expert this is what I am able to experience and feel within my body. Jules Wyman – Positive Belief

Isn’t it time you discovered why the Thai nation is know as one of the happiest?

Not sure where to start? Then Contact Joe to discuss the options available to you.


Contra- indications for Thai Massage 

Thai massage is suitable for everyone, including the very young and the very elderly. However, for the more active Thai Yoga Massage it should be avoided if you have osteoporosis or very brittle bones; spinal fusions or artificial hip, knee or elbow joints; phlebitis, haemophilia or lymphatic cancer. If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, it’s would be advisable to check with your GP first as you may need a referral form before booking a treatment.

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