The Loft

The yoga and massage studio is based at The Loft and as the name implies it sits at the top of what is a beautiful Georgian property.


Clients often comment on how they can feel themselves relaxing as they walk up the stairs on their way up to their treatment or session. Unlike many Massage therapy rooms Clients have commented how nice it is to feel the space and when you arrive at the top of the stairs (four gentle flights)  you will be warmly welcomed by Joe.

There is ample space for you to feel calm and relaxed as The Loft is airy and bright. There is room to breathe, to be able to look out at the sky, sense the temperature, smell the subtly aroma of the burning incense; it’s a special healing space.

The Loft is adaptable to your needs all you have to do is say if you need anything altering and Joe will adapt the space for you to feel more at ease e.g. this may be making it warmer or cooler, burning incense, playing music or having quiet sessions.

Feeling comfortable in The Loft makes it easier for you to get what you need from your session so all that is left is for you to focus on it to breathe, feel and let go of your tension!

For those of you who feel the cold there is a heated couch and warmed towels so you can feel really looked! On chilly days you can even also treat yourself to warming your clothes on the radiators so you can have cosy clothes after your session – something that everyone appreciates! It’s about making your experience more personalised.

Looking after clients from the inside out!

Once a former shop 42 Oxford Street now houses Nutrition in York run by Sally Duffin. It’s been described it as Holgate’s healthy haven and we think this sums up what we do perfectly.

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