Therapeutic sound baths

Good vibrations for your body and mind!


A warm, cosy, restful space and lovely sounds! It was beautiful

I was gone somewhere and afterwards I was left with a feeling of immense clarity which stayed for days after!

Completely soothing and restorative. I felt so relaxed afterwards.

A variety of therapeutic sounds create each soundscape or sound bath

All equipment is provided and you can choose to sit or lie down with cushions, blankets and eye pillows.

The healing sounds encourage your brain wave activity to slow down shifting from an beta wave (active, doing, cognitive, problem solving mode) to theta wave ( akin to a deep meditative state) to encourage regeneration, healing and can also provide insights allowing more intuitive messages to be received. Over time as the mind calms physical tension and ‘stuff’ is also encouraged to release.

The different instruments played create unique soundscapes so no two sessions are the same. Come with an open mind and discover the therapeutic healing sounds and feel how the vibrations work for you!

The effects of singing bowl sound meditation observational study by Goldsby, Goldsby, Mc Walters and Mills ( Journal of Evidence-based complementary & Alternative Medicine 2017, Vol22(3) 401-406) showed how they can positively impact mood, reduce tension and how participants reported an increase in spiritual well-being. Moreover unlike meditation and mindfulness they do not require participants to learn a disciplined form of meditation merely to lie or sit down and listen to the sounds. At the very least the participants felt a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace after the sound meditation.

Daytime sound baths take place on a Friday lunchtime 2.30 – 1.30pm with approximately 45 – 50 minutes of sound played. Sessions run close to the full moon.

2020 Lunch dates: January 10, February 7, March 13, April 3, May 1, June 5

£10 per session Pre booking essential book your place HERE max 10 per session

Evening sound baths take place on a Friday close to the new moon. These evening sound baths are included as part of the monthly Inner Calm sessions which combine some restorative yoga practices and therapeutic sound healing. Fridays 6.30 -8pm ( except February) £15 Dates listed on the yoga schedule

Private bookings also available just drop Joe a message HERE to enquire

In March there will be two extra *NEW* sessions of Sound to stillness these will take place 12.30 -1.30pm on Friday 20 and 27 March and will include sound, mantra and meditation. £10 Pre booking is advised. All equipment is provided and all are welcome.