Top tips for less exam stress

It doesn’t matter how many we’ve sat or how much we’ve studied, exams are simply stressful.

Share these four tips with anyone going through exam time, for happier and healthier studies.

1. The elixir of life

Of course, it’s the simple H2O. Water comprises around 60 -70% of our body weight and we need it to regulate body temperature, cleanse our systems of waste materials and to help our cells communicate.
Just like a car we need to refuel regularly, so grab yourself a special glass or water bottle and make sure it’s topped up.
If you fancy making it a bit zingy, add some slices of lemon or try herbal teas. Remember if you want to feel that mojo working get hydrating!

2. Align yourself for success

Revision involves a whole lot of sitting down. Make sure your desk is set up to support you to work safely. This might mean a new PC set up, changing your chair, using a wireless keyboard or sorting out your stationery.
Crossed legs are a BIG no-no! Sit with both feet on the floor (if they don’t reach use a foot rest or a ream of paper.
Are your elbows in line with the desk? Shoulders relaxed and low? Check your chin isn’t jutting out and overworking your upper back, shoulder and neck muscles.
It may feel strange at first but persevere and your hips, back, shoulders and neck will be better supported.

3. Desk time disco

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit still for long periods. Get up, go for a stroll and stretch those limbs. Not just your legs – wiggle your hips and bum!
Reach your arms up like your are having your first stretch of the day. Try some nice smooth shoulder rotations, inviting the elbows, then the hands to do the same.
Finally, try slow gentle neck rotations. The slower you do this the more you can really feel into the sensations that your body is experiencing.
If you can get some tunes on, have yourself a bit of a boogie!

Remember! Now might be a good time to have a sip of water …..

4. Fuel for success

Does your diet give you zest and vitality – or leave you feeling empty, with permanent munchies and cravings for salty, sugary food? Do the office biscuits disappear in a whirl?
Now’s the time you really need those vital nutrients. Keep healthy snacks – try nuts, seeds, dried fruit and chopped up fresh fruit – at your desk. Mix up the colours, textures and flavours to keep things interesting.

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash