Western & Eastern Massage in York

Calm Works offers a range of Western & Eastern Massage styles are available for you at The Loft where you will receive an individualised Massage treatment specific to your needs on the day of your session.

Joe’s Massage work is heavily influenced by her Thai Massage and NO HANDS Massage training and the elements of breath work, flow and body mechanics. The Thai principles of compassion and “metta” or, loving kindness Joe hopes you will feel this for yourself during your treatments.

Prior to your Massage you will have a consultation which is a chance to check your health status and to ensure that you will not be contraindicated by a treatment. If you are currently seeing a GP / other Complementary Therapist then do let Joe know when booking in your session.

There are a series of simple questions to allow Joe to understand specifically what you are looking to “get” from your Massage. There is no planning required and your answers will be  unique to you. Once this is done, Joe can get on with the physical work and she’ll support you by working as you have asked of her remembering that all you need to do is breathe, feel and allow yourself to “let go”.

If anything feels uncomfortable you can just say otherwise all treatments are carried out without mindless chatter in order for your body and mind to relax as fully as they can into your inner calm space.

Many Clients just drift away with their breathing allowing their whole being to accept the invitation to “just be” on the Massage table. It can feel like a type of Mindfulness or, in keeping with the Thai Massage Tradition “meditation in motion”.

Over the years Joe has learnt many Massage styles and can therefore adapt to work with Clients seated, on the table, working on a floor based futon ( Thai Yoga Massage only) or the Massage couch, working over clothes or towels and also using oils.

The Loft is a safe, healing haven where you can allow yourself the space to let your body, mind and emotions to feel released / connected / repleted/ nurtured / energised. It’s about whatever you need on the day of your Massage and as you are never exactly the same this may change each time you come to The Loft.

By allowing yourself “time out”, gifting yourself some Therapeutic Touch aka Massage you can experience yourself how it has the power to truly transform how you feel, act and “be”.

If you are serious about your health and well-being then you’ll probably benefit from the discounted rates which are offered to regular Clients.

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Swedish / Therapeutic

Natural Face Lift Massage

Seated Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Adapting Massage in Cancer Care