Thai Foot Massage

Clients receive the Thai Foot Massage  while lying on the Massage couch and remain full clothed. In the cooler months there is a heated couch and blankets so you will feel cocooned and looked after. Once your feet have been cleansed, each foot will be Massaged using a special As well as using the hand there is also a special Thai wooden Massage stick and the hands with strokes, rocking, thumb work, mobilisation and stretching exercises. The treatment can be adapted to include the use of Massage cream / oil.

There are two time options the standard Thai Foot Massage is 60 minutes which allows for the “Sen” energy lines in the lower legs to be included plus some gentle lower back stretches. Otherwise it can be a short 30 minute Massage or,  taken as apart of a Thai hour combo – you can choose either a Thai Hand Massage or Thai Face Massage to make an hour Thai Massage session.

Calm Works @ The Loft, York

Calm Works @ The Loft, York

By just focusing on the feet, as Reflexologists know the whole of the body can be “touched”. Thai Foot Massage is not as prescriptive as Reflexology and is a more general treatment to encourage relaxation.

There is the space for quiet inner reflection as the Massage takes place either in silence or with gentle music ; it may feel like a “meditation in motion”. 

In Thai Medicine it is believed that blocks in the bodies’ energy lines attribute to dis-ease and discomfort hence the joint mobilisation exercises, stretching of the muscles, stimulating energy points will cumulatively encourage the free flow of “sen” and encourage waste materials and toxins to flush from the body.

Thai Massage is about bringing the body and mind into a state of harmony and ease. Clients notice different things maybe it’s an increase in flexibility/ mobility, perhaps they feel lighter as the blood and lymph flow have been stimulated, maybe pain may have been released or they may feel heavier, more connected to the ground. Each Client and session is different.

Thai Massage is an ideal style for anyone who is keen to remain flexible, to learn how to become able to let go of “being in control”, to bring the mind and body to a sense of “equilibrium”; natural body balance. It can sooth and restore, create harmony and transform!

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Contra- indications for Thai Massage 

It is generally suitable for everyone, including the very young and the very elderly. However, it should be avoided if you have osteoporosis or very brittle bones; spinal fusions or artificial joints; phlebitis, haemophilia or lymphatic cancer. If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, you may need to consult with your GP / consultant and obtain a referral form from them before booking in a Thai Massage. 

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