1 to 1 wellbeing program

  • Feel stuck in a rut?
  • Body feeling out of sorts?
  • Mind unfocused?
  • Emotionally a bit unsteady?
  • Energy like a rollercoaster?
  • Forgotten what it feels like to be you?

Then perhaps it’s time for you to get support! Join the 1 to 1 wellbeing program and let Joe guide you back to a more balanced you.

Be warned though in the process you may also experience feeling looser, focused, lighter, energised, happier and brighter in body, mind and spirit. Oh and a good dose of calmness!

If this sounds appealing? Then contact Joe now HERE for further information read on.

Initial meeting

This will be a 2 hour session. You’ll go through a detailed consultation to  clearly identify the areas you want to see transformed. You’ll then arrange your weekly sessions. ( this might be done in advance)

Feel more motivated! Start the day with your own regime

Next steps

To consolidate your work and to help create your wellbeing foundations there’ll be home practice for you ( it’ll be easy and as playful as possible!). Your home practice/s will be bespoke and tailored to your needs they’ll be taken from Joe’s wellbeing toolkit of massage, self massage, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and may include recommendations to other resources e.g nutritional support for you to follow up on ( not included in the wellbeing program)

‘Practice makes better!’ 

You’ll be encouraged to keep a short daily record how you are getting on in your wellbeing journal (notebook) with the aim of noticing how your body, mind and sense of spirit are feeling and any challenges, shifts or eureka moments!

Creating a habit

Setting a little time everyday to cultivate your self care habits and wellbeing foundations is crucial to helping you to feel empowered and to bring you to a more balanced state of being.

Contact Joe

If you are seriously committed to improving your sense of wellbeing then get in touch now at hello@calmworks.co.uk.

1 or 1 wellbeing program 

Includes the following:

  • initial call / emails to discuss program
  • first detailed consultation and action plan
  • weekly sessions 90 minutes for 6 weeks (then option of monthly sessions)  
  • home practices including journalling  
  • weekly check in with Joe ( call/ email) during the program period
  • final session evaluation and foundations checklist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Contact Joe HERE to start the ball rolling!