International Womens Day 2021 #choosetochallenge

As the ex chair of the York International Womens Festival committee I have participated and organised many events in the past – this year it feels even more important that we have an event of BEINGness. It really is enough!

This event is about having a pause to appreciate all that you have been doing, to celebrate and to also let go of anything that you can so that you can feel lighter and ready for the rest of the day and your role as a change agent.

Active rest session for deep rest, idea for the stressed, exhausted and those with low energy. No experience required.

This will be a 30 minute ‘Active rest’ session of guided breathing and relaxation techniques. It will include a little gentle music and my voice. No experience necessary just come with an open mind and heart 🙂

Whatever your personal circumstances I believe that we are all able to create change in ourselves first and foremost and then within our community. Small steps, ease-full breathing and conscious movement can bring us back to our essential being-ness.

Forget about the DOing in this session all you’ll need to DO is book on and then come ready to listen, breathe and just BE! It really is enough.

International Womens’ Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

This years’ IWD theme is #choosetochallenge – so my challenge is to change how we perceive rest and relaxation – something flufffy and a ‘treat’ or, a conscious act of empowerment, nourishment and self care. We all need to make time for ‘active rest’.

There are many ways that we can come together in community and when we acknowledge what we have achieved, the challenges that we’ve worked through and the struggles that may still be present it can help foster a feeling of empowerment.

I hope you will join me and do share with your friends and loved ones. Let’s #choosetochallenge

This a FREE 30 minute event – come with pillows, blankets and maybe headphones

And I’ve got a new booking system for these online sessions! BOOK IN HERE

Please you do not need to share your video on this Zoom call in fact it improves the call quality if you have it off. Make sure that you take responsibility for yourself during the call. I will offer prompts and invitational however it is up to you if you listen to them you may wish to just come together and rest, As I said it’s enough to do just this act alone.

Isn’t it?

See you soon Joe 🙂