Summer Solstice – a time to reflect & celebrate the year so far

Yesterday we welcomed the longest and brightest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. In York, the sun has been particularly bright and hot so I’m enjoying a bit of shade in the Loft.

At the halfway mark in the year, I like to do a personal well-being recap to see how I am getting on.

I find it helps to take myself off to a cafe or a park (basically away from the distractions of home and work) and have a bit of unhurried time to do this so I can feel relaxed when I reflect on my choices and actions.

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The Spring ‘Inner Peace’ ( somatics and sound) event raised £250 for Ukrainian charities. I’d like to thank Sophie and Linda from the Stables who matched ticket sales and offered the room for free.

What’s next? This Summer I signed up to paddle in the York dragon boat race which takes place on Sunday 10th July in York. This is taking me out of my comfort zone! I am hoping I can muster the energy required to help the Kyra team through the races and to raise as much money as I can for sponsorship.

Find out more about Kyra who are a York based womens charity here I have to raise a minimum of £150 sponsorship so I have a cunning plan!
I’ll be raising funds –  by sharing the love of yoga and calm 😊


To do this I’ve made two recordings available for the Kyra fundraiser

There was great feedback about the Inner Calm guided relaxation recording shared in the last newsletter; used for sleep aid, morning relaxation and mid-day resets. What I love about these is that you need no experience!  You just need to get comfy and then listen.

The recordings are:

1) Somatics it contains simple floor-based exercises which you do slowly to relax and calm the body and mind

2) Inner Calm is a guided relaxation technique using the practice of yoga nidra aka as yogic sleep ( you could listen to this one seated but it’s comfier lying down as you could drift off!)

In total, they last just over an hour. You can listen to just one or both in order – it’s up to you!

To keep it simple to manage I’m going to set this up as an ‘honesty box system’.

Make your donation by clicking HERE  enter the amount you wish you sponsor me and use JOANNE BULL ( + gift aid if you are in the UK) in the comments box

Then CLICK HERE to access the two recordings – listen as often as you want to and the more you listen the more you are teaching your mind to focus and your body relaxes.

You can access them until midnight Monday 11th July. The day after the dragon boat race!

**** And finally a celebration! ****

I’ve been based in The Loft for 9 years in July!!

So much has changed in my life since I started out learning how to take better care of myself and now I feel privileged that I get to support clients to reconnect to themselves in body, mind, and spirit.

I’ve added a few extra yoga classes in July so have a look and see if anything caught your eye plus the massage clinic will be open.

The monthly Loyalty Membership scheme has a couple of places available too (minimum 3 month sign up)

If you’ve been sitting on the fence or have forgotten how your body benefited last time then get in touch and let’s sort something out.

– Want to learn more skills to build your resilience?
– Need to learn how to be more ‘in the moment’?
– Have muscular discomfort and aren’t doing anything about it?
– Want to explore a slower more embodied type of yoga?
– Desperate for some ‘me’ time away from the stresses of life?
– Want to come away on the ‘Rhythmn of being’ retreat?

If you anserwed YES to any of these then contact me!

If you are wanting to see change and support your well-being then I would be happy to have a no obligation chat to hear what’s happening for you and to see if we are a good fit.

Take great care & stay calm,


P.S. Feel free to forward this onto your loved ones and share some Inner Calm!