Thai abdominal massage

Thai abdominal massage reaches the forth layer in Thai medecine; the organs. A deeply relaxing massage to relieve stress, calm the tissues and stimulate the organs with progressively deeper massage. The pressure applied is always kept within the clients comfort and is determined by the tissues.

The application of warm towels or warm herbal compresses first penetrate the first layer of the skin and the superficial tissues. A special infused Thai medicinal oil is then applied to the abdominal area in flowing strokes and gradually the tissues are worked deeper but in a gradual way this helps to work into the third layer of the trenches ( spaces) between the tissues and organs. Finally the forth layer of the organs themselves is slowly worked with various massage techniques and gentle pressure points.

It is usual for clients to drift into a deeply rested places during these sessions and and eye pillow over the eyes can help to soothe the mind too.

Thai abdominal massage

Thai massage treatments take place on a warm floor based futon mattress or on a massage table with standard treatments lasting 60 minutes however it is possible to have a shorter introductory Thai abdominal massage.

During the massage you are invited to be a ‘rag doll’ this allows Joe to work on the identified treatment area/s. You can then gift your body and mind time to slow down and “go within”, to surrender to the treatment. 

There is the space for quiet inner reflection as the Massage takes place either in silence or with gentle music some clients feel like it is a“meditation in motion”. 

Regular clients benefit from an increase in flexibility/ mobility, a reduction or removal of pain and feeling generally lighter in body, mind and spirit. It can soothe and restore, create harmony and transform!

Feel free to contact Joe HERE if you have any questions or to book yourself in.

Initial session (mini session) 30 mins £50  ( full session)60 mins £75  includes a full consultation (up to 30 minutes)

Then subsequent sessions mini consultation (10-15mins) plus massage time

pay on the day ( mini session) 30 mins £35  (full session) 60 mins £60  

monthly massage scheme    30 mins £32  60 mins £55  min of 3 months, payment via BACS in first week of the month

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased online HERE and are valid for six months making them an ideal and appreciated gift!