Online Yoga & Inner Calm

Whether you are a yoga first timer or, an experienced yogi you will be most welcome to join the small classes held at the Loft.

Yoga at the Loft with Joanne BullClasses begin with a short seated check-in, followed by floor-based somatics, breath work (pranayama), slow yoga posture exploring, meditation, and rest.

Each class will have a theme or a short reading to inspire our practice and sometimes mantra, yoga philosophy and anatomy will be referenced. Plus questions are welcome and there’s usually a sprinkling of laughter in these classes too. No two sessions are exactly the same! 

You’ll be invited to slow down, notice more and tune into your energy levels to avoid overstraining. Everyone has a choice to do or to rest and there is no judgement! Sometimes our bodies surprise us when we slow down and unravel tension.

Students feedback that practicing yoga in this way feels deeply supportive, meditative, calming and empowering!

Priority booking is given for students committing to a monthly ticket ( one class per week). Costs £13 per 90 minute class or £15 for a single class (only if spaces are available). Contact Joe to have a chat or book in HERE

Doors open 15 minutes prior to all class start times to allow for settling in, brews and catch up etc. Please make sure you arrive on time so we can start promptly.

Weekly classes:

Tuesday 10 – 11.30amMindful, slow somatics & yoga – In person at The Loft . The class begins with floor-based somatic practices to loosen tension, allowing the breath to guide the movements, creating space in the joints, easing lower back discomfort and releasing fatigue. Exploring yogic movements with mindful awareness and curiosity. All levels welcome. *

Inner Calm live in person. Unwind from your day or week with some short floor-based somatic practices and then sit or lie down in your ‘rest nest’ and listen to the guided relaxation aka ‘yoga nidra’ and sound!

All equipment is provided at the Loft although you may wish to bring your favourite blanket or eye mask.               If online you’ll have all your blankets, bolsters and cushions ready at home.

Clients have found it a supportive practice for their physical health, a nervous system tonic and report improved sleep and feeling better mentally.

Private Inner Calm sessions can be arranged for just you or your friends. Contact Joe HERE to discuss your needs.

1 to 1 session can help if you are nervous about joining a class or prefer to work individually. Contact Joe HERE and have a no obligation chat to see what might work best for you.

Full moon soundbath meditation – Yoga Nidra & sound bath live-in-person at The Loft.

This is the time to cleanse and recharge yourself as you assess where you want to be going during this next phase of the moon cycle.

There will be a themed Yoga Nidra alongside a bespoke sound bath session using a variety of different instruments from singing bowls, chimes, sansula, gong, shakers and more! Time is included in the session time for you to have some tea and ground yourself before heading home.

Enjoy this as a regular mini-retreat in the comfort of The Loft. Information & booking HERE

Doors open 15 minutes prior to all 90-minute classes and 10 minutes before-hour classes.