Below you will find a selection of testimonials from clients about their in person and online experience of working with Joe. Rest assured you’ll be in safe hands! You can find other reviews on google maps , Facebook and Linkedin.

Joanne is simply brilliant. I have attended relaxation sessions both at The Loft (a perfect setting for calmness and wellbeing) and via Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic – regardless of whether Joanne is physically in the room with you, the result is the same. I have a very active mind and struggle to switch off; the sessions Joanne runs always have the desired effect leaving me calmer and treating myself more mindfully. I have also received a no hands massage from Joanne – again a fantastic experience which felt both relaxing and nurturing. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone as it’s not ‘just a job’, more like a calling as she has a true talent for every service she provides. I look forward to more online sessions for now, and visiting The Loft again in the future! Sarah-Louise Brown – Marketing Manager

Joe provides a lovely and welcoming feel to her class and you can tell she puts lots of effort and attention to detail in her planning and delivery. I did an Inner Calm class via Zoom and it worked really well, I loved doing it from the comfort of home and being able to just take my time at the end to get up and carry on with my evening. Definitely give Joe’s classes a go! Laura, Yoga Teacher

I found the sessions thoroughly relaxing. The first session I needed so much.  I was tense, not sleeping, felt anxious and uncertain at times but that even I slept like a baby!  That follow week I felt so much better in every way. I felt more rested. I have slept great since!  I cannot recommend Joe and her sessions highly enough.  Honestly everyone needs this in their lives and I feel confident everyone would get so much from it. Thank you Joe. Till the next time. Penny Zannikos

I attended Joe’s “Inner Calm” session on a Friday evening – the perfect way to wind down after a long work week. I love the way Joe blends her expertise, incorporating Somatics as well as Yoga Nidra. She is incredibly professional, having taken everyone’s needs into account, with the result being that I felt soothed, calm and safe – even via Zoom. Deep relaxation is so underrated – I think everyone should try it.                  Louise Fellows – York Pilates People

“I’ve been attending Joe’s Inner Calm and Yoga Nidra with soundbath sessions. I find it a genuine way of checking in with myself.  By that I mean that I take the time out to rest with myself and be gently steered by Joe’s voice.  It’s not something I’ve done a lot of, and I find it deeply resting and a quiet highlight of the week.  There’s no bewildering poses and no need for any experience so it’s very accessible to anyone interested.  And the ramifications themselves are interesting – deep sleep, a concentration derived from a stillness, an appreciative reflection of our physical bodies.  Yoga Nidra is a softly spoken wonder.” Tristram

The Winter Solstice yoga nidra and sound bath (online) was an exceptional experience. I was amazed how the quiet sounds seemed to sink me deeper into the yoga nidra. Carol

Sensitive, talented, attentive, supportive, clear, warm hearted – that’s why I go to Joe. A NO HANDS Massage from Joe leaves me more centred, balanced, soothed, connected, energised. I go home feeling nourished, aware and wanting to return very, very soon. I came to her recommended and I’m more than happy to do the same.  SH Massage Loyalty client

I appreciate your holistic approach and understand that Massage is a mind, body and spirit thing. LL Massage Loyalty client – NO HANDS Massage

As a chiropractor I understand the importance of body work on our health and wellbeing and how wonderful it feels to let go of tension in our bodies. I recently went to The Loft for a few sessions to help with my preparation for the London Marathon and to help me re-adjust afterwards.

Having a busy lifestyle and with marathon training on top, the sessions gave a great opportunity to fully and deeply relax, unwind muscles and to feel more present. As well as great preparation and recovery from the race, I experienced a wonderful calmness both during and after the sessions.

Joanne is an excellent therapist and the whole treatment experience was enjoyable, nurturing and holistic. I am happy to recommend Joanne and NO HANDS Massage to anyone who wants to further their connection to themselves and to progress their healing journey.        Dave Hill, Brighter Life Chiropractic  

After visiting Joe I always feel calm, relaxed and refreshed – everyone needs the Calm Work’s magic in their life! Rachel – Massage Loyalty client

I would describe your approach as being very friendly, warm and efficient. Your ability to creation environment where I can completely relax and “let go” is very much appreciated.   GW Massage client 

I was fortunate to be given a giftcard for Christmas and I can honestly say it is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given! I am disabled and during the pre-massage consultation Joe was quick to understand my needs and tailor made my massage to suit my requirements. Joe was so understanding and kind and her serenity is oddly contagious! The massage itself was wonderful, my body felt amazingly good and I experienced a level of relaxation that is very unusual in my world! I would highly recommend Joanne Bull to anyone. Gift Voucher client

Within minutes of beginning the massage I can feel the tension melting away. It is both a physical and mental release – time out from hectic life & space to just be without doing or thinking. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been so relaxed I’ve drifted off to sleep but that is how comfortable Joe makes you feel. Even during my pregnancy Joe adapted her techniques using her varied repertoire to work on my body safely so I could still benefit from the much needed therapy. RR Pregnancy massage client & NO HANDS Massage

My experience with Joe at The Loft is a much more personal experience, all about me and I don’t feel as though I’m on a production line CW Massage Loyalty client

Thai table massage. I loved the gentle, deep stretching that works with the breath; this helped me to get further and deeper into the moves. I enjoyed the feeling a whole body “workout” which was at the same time incredible relaxing and calming.                Sally Duffin – Nutrition in York

Before coming to Joe most of my Massage experiences were at spas, You certainly notice the difference going to someone who is so focused and well-trained in Massage. I get a feel of how highly you rate Massage and that your Client’s health and well-being is important to you, not just a job. That encourages me to take it more seriously. Also The Loft is like a little, warm oasis of calm despite being so centrally located :) RC Massage client NO HANDS Massage & Therapeutic Massage

A NO HANDS Massage treatment with Joe is such a treat for the mind body and soul; with a tailor made treatment incorporating your individual choice of techniques, pressure, oil, desired feelings and outcomes, choice of music….. nothing is left to chance. Joe takes time to sit down and talk you through your wants and wishes from the treatment that is co-created between herself, the therapist and her client. Joe has created a wonderful space in The Loft – an oasis of calm, with a healing spirit which is almost palpable – a welcome escape! Sarah Massage client
The Immersion came at a great time as my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter had just come to a natural end and so it felt really positive to be investing in myself. A definitely mind shift!  Overall my back definitely continues to feel better and stronger. I feel more flexible and have a greater sense of well being….. a regular dose of TLC is really important for keeping my back and other bits healthy! Massage Immersion client OB, York

I found the Thai Table massage deeply relaxing. I was able to drop into a meditative, calm interior space very quickly and remained there throughout. Joe’s slow, steady, respectful approach is just right and the deep pressure of the Thai Table Massage certainly works for me. The music, the temperature, the incense, the room, the massage, everything was very good. Sophie Carr, Yoga Teacher , York

Thai massage Being fully clothed provides a different experience to most massages. There is a freedom it brings the body when being moved in different directions. What it makes me think of is the flexibility that a baby has. Odd analogy I know when a baby is being dressed its’ body is loose and trusting of the adult,therefore moves and flexes in amazing ways. When I give myself over to the table, the process and Joe as the expert this is what I am able to experience and feel within my body. Jules Wyman – Positive Belief

The 2nd time I visited Joe, I told her that after my first experience I could not remember walking to my hotel in York as I felt like I was floating on air. In an environment where recommendations are vital to our well being I cannot recommend Joe (Joanne Bull) highly enough. You will certainly not be disappointed and I guarantee you will return. Thank you for an invigorating experience Joe. Robert – NO HANDS Massage

I found my session with Joe profoundly relaxing and enjoyable. Her space is beautiful, and creates an oasis of calm away from frenetic everyday life. Joe is very thorough and perceptive in her  approach with clients. It is lovely to feel that you are in the very competent hands of someone who cares deeply and understands. I love what Joe does – I just wish I had time for more treatments! Tracy – NO HANDS Massage

I found it very calming. After each treatment  I slept incredibly well. Without question I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment ; it’s a great experience. Indian Head massage CS

Joe is calm and efficient and has a great, balanced energy that is transferred whilst the Massage is taking place. After each Massage I came away feeling relaxed, focused and had a real sense of well-being. I would not hesitate in recommending a course of Chair Massage with Joe. Owen Turner – United By Design

Lots of relevant, interesting information and ideas in a relaxing atmosphere. I feel like I have different ideas to take home and try out – Thank You! Sleep Easy Workshop
I found the whole workshop excellent, but personally found the taking time out for yourself relaxation exercise absolutely wonderful and have incorporated into my regular routines.  Mindfulness is a wonderful thing. KO Energy Workshop 
Really nice balance of information, discussion, practice and suggestions. Feeling inspired to make some changes! Sleep Easy Workshop

I hope that these will have given you a flavour of how you might benefit from working with Joe. Questions? Want to arrange your session? Contact Joe via the contact page

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