Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage can be carried out on the massage couch or on the floor based futon where you’ll be kept warm ( heated underneath) and wrapped in blankets. Once your feet have been cleansed, each foot will be Massaged using a variety of techniques to warm the layers using the hands and also a special Thai wooden massage stick to perform strokes, rocking, thumb work, mobilisation and stretching exercises. The treatment can be adapted to include the use of Massage cream / oil.

You can chose to have a short 30 minute or 60 minute massage.

Calm Works @ The Loft, York

Calm Works @ The Loft, York

By focusing on the feet, as Reflexologists know the whole of the body can be “touched”. Thai Foot Massage is not as prescriptive as Reflexology and is a more general treatment to encourage relaxation.

There is the space for quiet inner reflection as the Massage takes place either in silence or with gentle music ; it may feel like a “meditation in motion”. 

The session can induce both a profound sense of relaxation as well as providing relief for discomfort, joint mobilisation exercises can improve range of motion as can the muscle stretches, energy points can stimulate and waste materials and toxins are flushed to the lymphatic system. Thai foot massage can soothe and restore, create harmony and transform!

Feel free to contact Joe if you have any questions or to book yourself in.

Initial session 30 mins £50  60 mins £75 includes a full consultation (up to 30 minutes)

Then subsequent sessions mini consultation (10-15mins) plus massage time

pay on the day                         30 mins £35  60 mins £60

monthly massage scheme    30 mins £32  60 mins £55 min of 3 months, payment via BACS in first week of the month

Gift Vouchers can also be purchased online HERE and are valid for six months making them an ideal and appreciated gift!

Contra- indications for Thai Yoga Massage/ Thai Massage

It is generally suitable for everyone, including the very young and the very elderly. However, it should be avoided if you have osteoporosis or very brittle bones; spinal fusions or artificial hip, knee or elbow joints; phlebitis, haemophilia or lymphatic cancer. If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, it will probably be better if you consult with your GP as you may need a referral from them before booking in a Thai Massage with Joe.

Contact Joe if you have any questions or to book in.

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