Since starting her therapeutic massage training in 2006 Joe has studied a variety of western and eastern massage ‘styles’ and believes we all have our own ‘portal into relaxation‘ e.g. back / feet/ head/ hand/ foot/ clothed /oil treatment and once this is discovered clients just drift off into a deeply restful and healing state where their body and mind can find a sense of ‘equilibrium’ /inner balance.

What to expect from a massage with Joe?

Joe will welcome you to The Loft and will ask you what you need from your treatment and what you are hoping to notice about yourself that might be different at the end of the session. Together you’ll create your massage based on the answers you give to Joe during the consultation.

It’s a unique way of working which puts you in charge of the session.

During the massage you’ll be invited to focus on what you want the outcome of your treatment to be and at the end you’ll be invited to walk and notice how you are feeling.

Transforming lives

Unlike traditional massage appointments where the therapist decides what you will have and how you are touched. Joe invites you to create your massage to suit your needs. Communication protocols as taught by Gerry Pyves based on Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis work help to make this happen.

In this way clients’ are empowered to find their words and to really tune into what they need. It takes Joe’s work into the realm of transformational massage as clients unravel tension and begin to let go of ‘old baggage’ and i doing so they look at their lives with fresh eyes and often make changes to improve their well-being, happiness and life!

My experience with Joe at The Loft is a much more personal experience, all about me and I don’t feel as though I’m on a production line CW Massage Loyalty Client

At the heart of all Joe’s Massage work is the Thai principle of ‘metta‘, loving kindness – treating each client carefully with respectful touch. You’ll really notice the difference!

Why not read some Client Testimonials to give you an insight into how regular Clients feel they benefit from working with Joe and if you feel like Joe’s holistic approach is what you need then get in touch HERE

Transform your body – transform your life!

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