Scaravelli-inspired yoga

  • Interested in yoga but worried you’re not very ‘good’ at it?
  • Experienced but looking to explore your practice in a new way?
  • Scaravelli-inspired yoga could be the answer!

This is a deeply nourishing practice and many experienced yoga practitioners have been astonished at how different they feel once they begin working with Vanda Scaravelli‘s principles.

Novices will find it accessible and rewarding too. You don’t need to tie yourself in knots for this kind of yoga – take it at your own pace and let your body lead the way.

‘If you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way’ Vanda Scaravelli

With a sprinkling of playfulness, Joe will guide you to listen to the infinite intelligence of your body, leaving ambition from your practice and allowing your breath to guide and inform your movements.

The York Press article – Scaravelli-inspired Yoga – Less is more

You will be encouraged to explore your body and Yoga practice in a whole new way. Sessions are open to all experience levels. Vanda believed each time we step to the mat we begin again afresh, being curious and attentive to our own individual experience. If you are completely new and feel unsure about attending a group session then there are 1 to 1 and beginner options too.

‘Too often I take yoga too seriously and I appreciated lightening up. The relaxation at the end was wonderful. Joe’s demonstrations were clear, helpful and excellent guidance.’ SL

Vanda Scaravelli studied with two of this generations’s leading yoga teachers B.K.S.Iyengar and T.K.V. Desikachar blending their teaching with her own personal practice including elements from Tai Chi, her musical training and taking inspiration from nature. Her book ‘Awakening The Spine’ is an easy and inspiring read. 

Since qualifying to teach Scaravelli-inspired Hatha yoga with Helen Noakes and the Yoga Health Mandala ( Yoga Alliance UK). Joe has worked with those influenced by Vanda Scaravelli’s teaching including Diane Long, Angela Farmer, Gary Carter, John Stirk, Pete Blackaby, Bill Wood, Helen Noakes, Catherine Annis and Robin Stamm.

Joe is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga.

Somatics:  Joe has been studying with Tias Little who has created a yin style floor based yoga preparatory practice called SATYA. This focuses on slowly working the connective tissue in the fascial sheaths of the body, helps to decompress the spine and tissues, eases lower back ache, release fatigue and is a soothing and releasing practice. This is generally included at the beginning of yoga classes and also before Yoga Nidra & mediation.

Joe offers weekly yoga classes online from York and also offers workshops and retreats. If you would like to find out about classes and 1 to 1s click HERE