Workplace wellbeing

It’s common knowledge how the negative effects of stress can have a detrimental impact on ones physical health and mental wellbeing. Feeling well and being well can help employees to keep calm, be more present, feel happier and work more productively in the workplace.

Even with COVID-19 let your employees feel valued by providing them with the tools to help them at work, home and play so they can feel physically healthier, clearer of mind and lighter of spirit.

And ultimately a happier workforce means both a better work environment and usually more positive results to bottom line figures.

Joe can offer a variety of online and in person workplace wellbeing services from ‘lunch & learn’ one off taster sessions, to regular weekly or monthly classes, workshops and bespoke talks.

Combining a variety of the ‘wellbeing tools’ of movement ( Scaravelli-inspired yoga and somatic practices), mindfulness, meditation, sound and self massage your team can learn how to stretch out while at their desks, to breathe better and to find ways to bring their mind to focus and to relax.

  • Sounds rather wonderful doesn’t it?
  • A healthier way to boost morale?
  • More life changing and healthier than a a box of chocolates or, a round of drinks?

Want to start the ball rolling? Just drop Joe an email HERE and explore the opportunity of bringing some of Joe’s calm into your ONLINE workplace. Sessions can be delivered via Zoom or via private links to Joe’s Youtube channel.

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