Being present – the greatest gift of all

At the moment we are all living in a different world one that we could never have imagined at the beginning of the year. For some work continues though the office commute has now gone and been replaced by a walk downstairs or to the home office, some juggle their work day alongside home schooling and others head out to work as ‘normal’ to supermarkets, hospitals and in the various other front line support roles.

One thing’s for sure there is nothing ‘normal’ at the moment. It’s a different ‘normal’ and one that brings with it highs and lows, times of sheer joy and happiness ( like playing online bingo with the family) and moments of sadness and longing ( for the hugs you so miss from family and friends).

During this ‘home stay’ period my daily meditation practice has been a real life line helping to keep me balanced and my resilience levels topped up. A few minutes every day to just sit and be with myself and to allow my thoughts to settle and sometimes feel like they fly away.

It’s also the reason I decided – well it felt like I was being given a divine message during one of my meditation sits – to just go and share this with everyone! So I came up with a plan a free 6 week meditation campaign called ‘Rewire for health’ made up of twice weekly live guided meditation sessions and some teaching nuggets from me so you could learn along with me picking the recordings you felt more helpful or just trying your own.

Despite technical challenges like wifi issues, broken routers and all that jazz I can hardly believe that it’s now in it’s fifth week!

There are now over 16 different recorded guided meditations of different lengths to pick and choose from plus teachings to give you a bit of the science etc.

It’s going to be available on my Youtube channel (until the end of the Summer). It’s FREE for you to use as I wanted to make sure that money would not exclude anyone – meditation is a life skill I wish I’d learnt at school! Luckily nowadays it is happening for kids (along with mindfulness lessons) these are vital life skills for mental clarity, physical ease and emotional resilience something that we need heaps of right now and in our modern day, fast paced world where we’ve forgotten the importance of going slow.

It’s never too late though.

You just need to make a start.

No BS about there isn’t enough time in the day – you need maybe 3 minutes to begin. That’s it. 3 minutes every morning ( ideal time before the brain gets’ all busy) for a week and then stick with that or slowly increase – at your own pace – just make sure you commit and within 4 – 6 weeks your brain will have already begun to rewire itself into a more calmer you (watch the videos to find out more about that!)

As my favourite green guru Yoda says

‘Try not. Do or do not. There is no try!’

So be like Yoda.

Trust me you will not regret it.

As the gift of being in the present moment is the greatest gift you could possible give yourself.

Please share this information on with your family, friends or even work colleagues as this meditation stuff has a wonderful way of rippling out into our families, communities and work. Let’s help as many people around us whatever their age to tap into this ‘inner’ resource and connect to a place of inner calm and transformation that lies within us all.

If you’d prefer more help and support feel free to get in touch here I’m happy to create a bespoke training package for you including personalised recorded guided meditations.

Stay well and keep calm