Lunar Meditations & therapeutic sound baths

Lunar Meditations combine intention setting, themed Yoga Nidra and therapeutic sound baths. They take place close to the new and full moon cycles on Monday evenings. More details below:

New moon or dark moon; time for new beginnings

The cycle of the New Moon is the perfect time to reflect on any plans or dreams you want to focus on during the month ahead (or manifest / vision this year).

Begin the subtle yet potent process of sewing these seeds in your subconscious mind using the transformational tools of breathwork, yoga nidra and therapeutic sound.

New Moon dates: Monday 6th December (online) 6pm – 7pm

The cycle of the Full Moon is a time to celebrate and to reflect on your plans or dreams that you’ve focused on since the last new moon. It’s a time to cleanse, meditate and release those things that are holding you back while preparing for the next moon phase. We’ll use the transformational tools of breathwork, yoga nidra and therapeutic sound and allow them to facilitate this process.

Full Moon aka as the light moon: a time of illumination

Full Moon dates: Monday 20th December (online) at 6pm – 7pm

£12 per session (household) Online booking closes at pm on the event day.


The Zoom link will be sent to you an hour before the session. The Zoom session will open at ten minutes before and will start promptly. Due to the nature of these sessions the call will close at 8.05pm so please arrive on time.

To take part wear gym bottoms or pj’s, comfort is the key also remembering that your video and audio will be off. Here is a list to help you to gather things for your ‘rest nest’ and have them close by.

  • Ideally a good sized floor space to lie down on your back comfortably with your arms down by your side, or side lying position. 
  • Keep lighting low e.g. candles or low lights on versus the ‘big light’
  • If you are working on the floor have an exercise mat (or you can lie on the carpet) place a blanket on top for extra warmth
  • A couple of pillows and or cushions for support
  • A blanket (in case you cool down!)
  • An eye pillow or a long, heavy sock
  • Water
  • Any extra layers of clothing e.g. warm socks
  • AND a nice pen and notebook or journal you can use throughout the year in your New and Full moon meditation sessions
  • For maximum benefit PLEASE give yourself the night off afterwards – a light supper, a warm bath, gentle music, low lighting and an early night with a calming night time tea. I promise you’ll thank yourself for it.


This was an exceptional experience Joe. I was amazed how the quiet sounds seemed to sink me deeper into the Yoga Nidra. Carol (Winter Solstice 2020 online)

I’ve been attending Joe’s Yoga Nidra sessions for a few weeks.  I find it a genuine way of checking in with myself.  By that I mean that I take the time out to rest with myself and be gently steered by Joe’s voice.  It’s not something I’ve done a lot of, and I find it deeply resting and a quiet highlight of the week.  There’s no bewildering poses and no need for any experience so it’s very accessible to anyone interested.  And the ramifications themselves are interesting – deep sleep, a concentration derived from a stillness, an appreciative reflection of our physical bodies.  Yoga Nidra is a softly spoken wonder.” Tristram (Inner Calm online)

I was gone somewhere and afterwards I was left with a feeling of immense clarity which stayed for days after! (Inner Calm – in person)

Completely soothing and restorative. I felt so relaxed afterwards. (Inner Calm in person)

A variety of therapeutic sounds create each soundscape or sound bath

A bit about therapeutic sound work

For in person sessions all equipment is provided and you can choose to sit or lie down with cushions, blankets and eye pillows. Otherwise a list of suggested items will be sent to you via email in advance of your session.

A bit about sound therapy: The healing sounds encourage your brain wave activity to slow down shifting from an beta wave (active, doing, cognitive, problem solving mode) to theta wave ( akin to a deep meditative state) to encourage regeneration, healing and can also provide insights allowing more intuitive messages to be received. Over time as the mind calms physical tension and ‘stuff’ is also encouraged to release.

The different instruments played create unique soundscapes so no two sessions are the same. Come with an open mind and discover the therapeutic healing sounds and feel how the vibrations work for you!

The effects of singing bowl sound meditation observational study by Goldsby, Goldsby, Mc Walters and Mills ( Journal of Evidence-based complementary & Alternative Medicine 2017, Vol22(3) 401-406) showed how they can positively impact mood, reduce tension and how participants reported an increase in spiritual well-being. Moreover unlike meditation and mindfulness they do not require participants to learn a disciplined form of meditation merely to lie or sit down and listen to the sounds. At the very least the participants felt a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace after the sound meditation.

Daytime sound baths are available online for private bookings and will resume in person when permitted.

Private online group bookings are available just drop Joe a message HERE to enquire