Sound meditation

A variety of therapeutic sound instruments

Sound sessions are tailored to your individual or group needs and may include the use of some or all of the following instruments from singing bowls, drums, chimes, thumb drums, rain sticks, gongs and percussion instruments plus vocals. The voice work may use specific healing sounds and ‘mantras’ which are yogic mind tools. Mantras are specific phrases spoken or sung in Sanskrit (an ancient yogic language) to encourage healing and balance.

During a sound meditation you can either sit or lie down resting your body as you listen to the therapeutic healing sounds. Everyone has their favourite sounds to relax to and the inclusion of ‘binaural beats’ encourage brain wave activity to slow down so that regeneration and rest can take place.

Although in person sound baths provide the maximum vibration it is possible to harness some of the potency and encourage relaxation with online sessions and recordings too just wear headphones for the maximum benefit.

Sometime sound meditation can be combined with other therapies like massage and yoga nidra aka ‘yogic sleep’. Please note: sound sessions are not suitable for pregnant clients, those with metal plates or sound induced epilepsy sufferers.

Recorded sound baths make a great gift too! And offer great value for money. Feel free to contact Joe to make an enquiry or if you have any questions HERE