Well being workshops

Take time out to learn something new or maybe brush up on something you’ve not done in a while. These workshops will be experiential ( you get to do ‘stuff’), educational as you’ll learn ways to support your well being and they will be fun! (laughter always helps!) Bring an open mind and a sense of curiosity to these workshops and you’ll enjoy them even more!

Max of 8 per workshop delivered via Zoom. Once you make your payment a link will be sent to you so you can access the workshop. Please make sure you set up Zoom in advance and if necessary Joe can do a test call with you.

Sessions 90 minutes + 15 mins Q&A – Investment £20 per session

  1. Boost your energy & release tension with inspiration from Thai inspired self massage and yogic breathing practices
  2. Self care & immunity support somatic practices to activate the lymphatic system, ease lower back discomfort, open joints & release fatigue inspired
  3. Introduction to Mindfulness – what does mindfulness mean, how can you become more mindful to support your mental and emotional health. Experiential and interactive
  4. Ground, breath, spine – an embodies and mindful way to do yoga. Scaravelli-inspired yoga using references from nature and music to encourage an attentive practice and awaken the spine!
  5. Good vibrations using sound for health & vitality
  6. Taming the mind with breathing & meditation – using breathing practices to calm your body so you can then practice how to meditate.
  7. Everyday Mindfulness
  8. Living Mindfully
  9. Sleep Easy
  10. Cleanse & Detox

Sessions take place during the year for small groups at the Loft or they can be carried out online via Zoom. Bespoke topics can also be created too.

Contact Joe to make your booking HERE